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    Hey all, just a little update.

    We have moved servers and as a result, we are now under a new URL and a new name, we are now Irishpolitics.net. Please change your bookmarks and update how you get to this site.

    Our new URL is


    The old URL will become obsolete over the coming week.

    We will also be upgrading the site software to the latest version but this will be done over the coming weeks, once everyone is comfortable with the new URL.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  • Hi, I replied to a post by T Leaf (333) on the Joe Biden thread but it did not appear on the forum. What's going on, or perhaps one should keep to a certain narrative when posting on this forum? Please clarify.
    Wellington Boots
    Comment withdrawn from public visibility and is being discussed by the mod team
    Sorry. I see that this is in your profile? I had intended to send you a Private Message.

    I've obviously blundered.

    And I need to send a Private Message to someone else here. How can I do that without it appearing on their profile?

    Your post of a few minutes ago regarding the Vatican.

    What's the source, please, for you saying, "ending diplomatic immunity is welcome "?


    Possibly I have misunderstood the al jazeera article when it said "as well as by its diplomatic corps around the world." There is a row going on about a refusal to lift the protection given to ArchBishop Ventura, the Nuncio to France
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