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  1. soccop

    Is Boris finished?

    On the other hand... They’d get a Tory MP no matter which way they vote.
  2. soccop

    Is Boris finished?

    Mogg On The Wine has been suggested.
  3. soccop

    Is Boris finished?

    The last leg TV show are looking for suggestions for songs Sue Gray's husband's C/W band could perform.
  4. soccop

    Is Boris finished?

  5. soccop

    Is Boris finished?

    Rumors of evidence of something stronger than wine being consumed at these parties. and the Met's nose rather reluctantly being shoved in it.
  6. soccop

    Emerging Virus'es ( Human, Animal, Bird ) + VARIANTS thread .. ( Current: OMICRON ver BA.2 )

    No clue what any of this really means in my lived reality, pity there wasn't an idiots guide.
  7. soccop

    One Image joke thread

    Is that the MMR fella? (Can't find me specs.)
  8. soccop

    Is Boris finished?

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jan/28/theresa-may-wades-into-row-over-downing-street-parties Theresa May unhappy 😭.
  9. soccop

    Snap election - DUP vulnerable in three seats according to Belfast Telegraph

    I hear on Newsnight that the dup are rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
  10. soccop

    COVID - Vaccines, WINE, Booster Shots, Antivirals, PCR, Antigen Tests, MASKs .. testing in general

    Initial studies are encouraging According to an interim analysis, Paxlovid reduced the risk of Covid-19-associated hospitalisation or death by 89% in those who received treatment within three days of symptom onset. The drug was found to be so effective – just 1% of patients who received...
  11. soccop

    Snap election - DUP vulnerable in three seats according to Belfast Telegraph

    That is fair and, as you say, at variance with Sluggers portrayal.
  12. soccop

    Snap election - DUP vulnerable in three seats according to Belfast Telegraph

    The ladies in question are charming, are they not?
  13. soccop

    Snap election - DUP vulnerable in three seats according to Belfast Telegraph

    Slugger feels there's media bias in favour of the Shinners https://sluggerotoole.com/2022/01/27/sinn-feins-operation-delete-tweets-goes-into-overdrive-under-cover-of-a-media-blackout/ Yer wan who was going to, I quote "suck the farts out of her hole" sounds like a charmer. Maybe she gives...
  14. soccop

    The UK, a failed state?

    As for crucifiction, bloody noodle noshers...out of the door, line on the left, one cross each.
  15. soccop

    The UK, a failed state?

    Defenestration sounds French to me.
  16. soccop


    Scotland's finest:
  17. soccop


  18. soccop

    Are knowledgeable voters the problem?

    That's a hefty read statsman, I may be some time...I thought I had the gist of it until he goes. "I will commence my argument..."
  19. soccop

    RIP thread...

    Would you stray as far as interesting?
  20. soccop

    Fermanagh voter turns up in Carlow

    There was Pat O'Connor Pat O'Connor, wonder why @Prof Honeydew is singling out Fermanagh.
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