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COVID 19 Rules and posting requirements


Nov 26, 2018
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We understand that there is a lot of confusion regarding COVID 19 with misinformation being spread by those who may do so with best intentions but are at most not medical experts and simply do more harm than good.

Whilst naturally this site or any of those who post here should not be looked to for medical advice, it is only natural that discussion around COVID 19 will crop up from time to time.

We ask that you refrain from posting advice or recommendations on this site unless it is from the Irish Government, NPHET, or other recognised legitimate bodies such as the WHO, CDC, or HSE. This must also be posted with credible links to support the advice or information you are discussing.

Any post or thread that is created and does not conform to best practices as above will be removed and that poster may be sanctioned. We do not want to see posts from your uncle, Aunt, or something you heard down the pub, etc.

We also ask all posters to play their part and report anything that does not conform to good standards and advice.
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