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Pavlov rings my bell.
Staff member
Nov 28, 2018
Temporally dislocated.
I've been listening to Beethoven's 7th symphony whilst tapping away here, it's somewhat underated but really amazingly good.


Nov 30, 2018
Between Time and Timbuktu
During the past year - at a regrettably advanced age, and decades too late - I belatedly discovered the sort of South African music that inspired Paul Simon's Graceland.

One of my most enduringly precious discoveries was this vocal performance by Nelcy Sedibe. You can't beg, borrow or steal much of her recorded work, but this one did my head in in a way I hadn't experienced since discovering Billie Holiday.

It always sounds to me like a voice doing gymnastics, and just plain showing off.

If anyone's considering a plunge into South African Zulu mbaqanga music, by the way, this compilation is (100% rightly) considered a classic. I've used it as a jumping-off point to discover reams of great gear!
Nov 27, 2018
This is, um, …. wierd.

Take away the laughter track, and it’s not a parody, it’s a very straight set of covers.,Which is why the put a group d awful laughter track over it.

I could also go for the whole “one archaic bigoted twat to another …” line


Dec 2, 2018
I had forgotten about this thread.

Years and years ago, as you went down the steps to a party in some basement flat, you would always hear John Mayall's The Blues Alone...and this track from the album always seemed to be playing.

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