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New profile posts

Hi, I replied to a post by T Leaf (333) on the Joe Biden thread but it did not appear on the forum. What's going on, or perhaps one should keep to a certain narrative when posting on this forum? Please clarify.
Wellington Boots
Comment withdrawn from public visibility and is being discussed by the mod team
Hey, GG, do you reckon there might be room here for some kind of kitchen/cookery thread? As you'll know, I cook lots and am very curious about other people's so doing.
The mod policy is imo becoming increasingly eccentric.

Moderator Cookie Monster trolls the Scottish threads and I am banned for a week for allegedly trolling a thread that I started at the suggestion of a moderator!

Your site, your rules.

If mods can abruptly ban posters while ignoring trolling by other mods the site will suffer.

I wish you well but won't be posting here for a while.

All the best.
Deleted member 146
Disagreeing with you is not trolling. Highlighting your dishonesty (evidence again here) is not trolling.

You weren't banned for trolling. The message you received when you were banned outlined why you were banned (Once again ignoring facts doesn't mean they go away) in line with the site's rules.
Hi, just to tell u we have another Premier League Predictor up, u can either do it on here or on Politics.ie one, they are both the same and the 1 table including those on each will be published on both. U missed last weeks 1, few changes so check the opening post, it's u now predict a B2 or a B3 depending on how confident u are of a prediction
B2 20
B3 30

B2 -20
B3 -30
Sorry. I see that this is in your profile? I had intended to send you a Private Message.

I've obviously blundered.

And I need to send a Private Message to someone else here. How can I do that without it appearing on their profile?

Your post of a few minutes ago regarding the Vatican.

What's the source, please, for you saying, "ending diplomatic immunity is welcome "?


Possibly I have misunderstood the al jazeera article when it said "as well as by its diplomatic corps around the world." There is a row going on about a refusal to lift the protection given to ArchBishop Ventura, the Nuncio to France
I am delighted that you are a moderator. Congratulations. You are a balance to what appears to be a right wing/ Unionist weighted gathering at the top.
Well thank you.

I intend to smite everyone equally!
That'll do nicely.

I assume there's a joke in your post but I'm a bit groggy.

I've made your post invisible for the moment, ff the email address in it is there on purpose I'll stick it back to visible.
I deleted it. Bloody autofill. But I am locked out of my real account on account of having used a temp email to register first time around.
Ok, we'll see if @Colm can sort it out for you.
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